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“The staff at the Fairfax location are really professional and informative. They were able to identify the reason for my different pain points and talked me through the process of correcting each issue. Already after a week I’m starting to feel a difference! Everyone on staff that I’ve encountered has been very friendly, I definitely recommend giving them a try!”

-Gerald H.

Kaizo has been my go-to for all recovery needs since 2017 (thank God I found Kaizo when I did!). Their service, kindness, and passion is what keeps me coming back year after year. I recommend you step into Kaizo and begin the journey of feeling your best self because I’m happy to be a returning student once again!

-Hugo G.

Lothar has a very balanced approach to ensuring strength & mobility are maintained and enhanced. Starting with my initial assessment we have methodically focused on range of motion and asymmetries specific to my body. I can frankly say I’m much stronger now than when I first started with him about 4 years ago. Highly recommend working with Lothar to anyone looking to build strength in a systematic and consistent manner.

-Brinda D.

I cannot speak highly enough of Kaizo X and especially Migma Tamang. I had back pain for several years and was unable to exercise. After successful PT treatment with Kaizo I began training with Migma to regain my functional movements and build strength. This has been a life changing experience. I am in better physical shape at 60 than I was at 30 all thanks to his guidance and patience in working with any limitations I have. Migma is not only knowledgeable, kind and patient but he will push you to the best of your abilities. His workout sessions are the best therapy!

-Nada M.

“Kaizo X does a great job of meeting you where you are at in regards to your physical fitness. Supporting you along the way with both in person workouts and at home guidance in between. The progress has been more than I would have expected and I credit their guidance over these past months for that success.”

-Tim H

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Let’s Thrive Together

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Let’s Thrive Together